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Light Fixture Replacement

Do I need an experienced handyman to install or replace a light fixture in my home? Unless you’re a certified electrician or have past experience with electricity, you should always hire professional handymen like Crew4 Handyman for proper light fixture installation.  The light fixture is an essential part of a house interior. They provide illumination to the property, adding to its elegance and enhance overall décor and appearance. What if the light fixture becomes non-functional? What if the illumination is dim? Or, maybe you just need a new look. Crew4 Handyman offers light fixture replacement services to make your light fixture glow again.


Our Light Fixture Replacement Service offers a variety of light fixtures: Wall lamps and table lamps; bathroom, recessed, decorative or under-cabinet lighting. Just let us know what type of light fixture your property needs or let Crew4 Handyman help you decide, and then we can move forward with the installation.

We are reputable in the local area of Edmonton for our outstanding Handyman and Maintenance Services. Light fixture Replacement Service is among the range of services offered by Crew4 Handyman Services. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to decide the right package for your property.

We offer customized light fixture installation and replacement services to fit everyone’s budget. We understand that we live in different home sizes with different types and sizes of light fixtures. The cost won’t be the same for everyone and that’s why we conduct a free survey to give you a quote indicating what you need and what it will cost you.

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