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Tile Repair and Installation

Of all flooring considered, tiles always top the list according to home owners for they benefit them and their house the most. Why should you install tiles on your home floor? For starters, Durability! Tiles are extremely resilient when it comes to staining and wear. Amazingly, tiles can also be used for medical purposes. There are some tile flooring used to treat cold feet when combined with radiant-heat floor. If you’d like to see beauty anytime you’re walking around your house, these eco-friendly flooring are your best choice.

Whether it’s in your sitting room, bathroom, basement, kitchen or bedroom, tiles are flexible and can fit just anywhere! Your floor deserves beauty and last longer. This is why you need the best tile installation services from CREW4 HANDYMAN SERVICES.

Our team of professionals will do a thorough subfloor preparation to curb water damage and guarantee a long-lasting floor. We come with state-of-art tools for proper tile installation and reinforcements if the need arises.

We install all kind of tiles including;

  • Laminate tile flooring
  • Ceramic tile flooring
  • Slate tile flooring
  • Cork tile flooring
  • Porcelain tile flooring
  • Marble tile floorings
  • Vinyl tile flooring
  • Linoleum tile flooring

In case your tile flooring is broken, chipping, or it’s stained, we do repairs as well. We will restore the original beauty and strength of each tile in no time.  Choose your style, design, size, color, and texture of the tile you want and let us help you create your dream home!

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